1. What the fuck is this?
It’s my simple website sharing some of my favorite covers from the Juliland Universe.  Past, present and future!

2. What is the Juliland Universe?
Its the ultimate universe created by our fearless leader Richard Avery.

3. Who is in this Juliland Universe?
It started with Juliland.com & RichardAveryPhoto.com.  Right now we have so much more.  Go explore the universe and see for yourself.

4. What’s your favorite color?
Pink, duh!

5. Do you really love naked grrls?
Very much so!  Don’t you?

6. What is your favorite number?
1,000,000,000 (cuz its big and nice)

7. Is it true that Richard Avery has more fun than anyone?
YES!  Deal with it losers!

8. Why does Richard Avery hate the color pink so much?
He doesn’t. This was rumor started  by the interns!  Kids today!

9. Why should I JOIN Juliland.com?
Cuz, ALL the cool people are members and if you wanna be cool… JOIN NOW!

10. How did Mr Avery get so fucking great at everything he does?
Lots of handwork, passion and a lot of good drugs!  ;-)